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Liars and Cheaters

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  • 02/28/13--13:52: Leiah Abroguena (chan 7524340)
  • Works at apple Woodfield Twitter @liketheprincess

  • 03/04/13--10:43: Derek Scott Buckner (chan 7524340)
  • Derek Scott Buckner is a cheater and a user so beware of him and he is on all kinds of orb sites and goes by he lives in Springfield, il with QB This post was submitted by Amy .

  • 03/04/13--10:43: Kody Jay Finnell (chan 7524340)
  • Yuma, AZ California Oklahoma

  • 03/04/13--10:44: April Dawn Steinberg (Richards) (chan 7524340)
  • Screwed an old man (25 years+ her senior) who is a public health addictions counselor where she worked as a Counselor’s Assistant (CA). Met the old pervert in parks, with her two little girls in tow. Her husband, Jacob, served in the military and has always provided for his family. April screwed him over, while [...]

    SHELLY GADDIS OF GOODWATER, Al IS A MENtally ill male. He has no children due to being sterile but pays for kids by other men like one by his cousin Tommy G. Oden. SHELLY SLEEPS WITH MIYOKA BERRY THE OLDEST KID THAT ISN’t HIs. Gaddis fondles Tommy’s kid Nadia and l. Chapman’s kid lillian. Gaddis [...]


  • 03/04/13--10:46: Mark Ford South Carolina (chan 7524340)
  • Real name is O’Twain Ford. Used to work with him. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Sleeping around on his wife. Prefers white women to get easy money. No good leech. Beware! DO NOT TRUST THIS CON MAN!

  • 03/04/13--10:47: Jonathan Jose Limjoco (chan 7524340)
  • Came across as a amazing guy only to find out he had a live in girlfriend who he was supporting at the time. He also had a online dating profile and a craigslist posting for sex :/ ladies he sings, he smart, good looking but trust me its just an illusion. This filipino is no [...]

  • 03/04/13--10:48: Enrique Ray Gonzolaz (chan 7524340)
  • Also known as “rique” has lied several times about his postings on Craigslist. I am not sure what his motives are but the guy is a complete scumbag. This post was submitted by Joe Doe.

  • 03/04/13--10:48: Stefanie Coltston (chan 7524340)
  • This women has renigged 4-5 times on Craig list selling many items in the phoenix area. Please do not do business with her. This post was submitted by Joe Doe.

  • 03/09/13--19:19: Mubarak Muhammed (chan 7524340)
  • My name is Zara, and I dated this guy for 2 yrs he even promised me marriage before i knew it he was cheating and having other girls. He dated Young girls who believed his lies. When i asked him he denied even knowing me, and because the other girls found out about me i [...]

  • 03/12/13--18:14: Marcos Ruiz (chan 7524340)
  • I met Marcos Ruiz on the app whoshere. He said he was divorced and showed me his papers for I want to make sure he is not lying. Lo behold yes he was. And so we dated coz I thought he was really honest, unfortunately I found out he was not divorced apparently from the [...]

  • 03/12/13--18:15: Jim Vedok (chan 7524340)
  • Can look you in the eye, lie about important and insignificant things. Lies of omission … He’s got that down too. Doesn’t matter if its about his family, where he is going or where he’s been. Watch your back with this ‘man’ , is so caught up in his life of lies he believes them [...]

  • 03/12/13--18:16: Paul Jason Jenkins (chan 7524340)
  • Paul Jenkins,”emo kid”,lives in SC.He loves telling girls he loves them while telling a bunch of other girls the same thing.He will play you!Then dump you! This post was submitted by Somebody.

  • 03/12/13--18:17: nicole kowalski (chan 7524340)
  • This w**** has slept with more ppl than a prostitute it doesnt matter what u look she fucks every fugly inbred gloversville hillbilly f***** while fuckin a convicted pedophile and another nasty w**** all at the same time this nasty ho is only 25 living off of social security she abuses animals and babysits kids [...]

  • 03/12/13--18:18: Jessice Geboo (chan 7524340)
  • This two faced hoe bag is Jessica Geboo. This b**** can’t even take care of her own kid and has to call on friends to do it for her. She was even called out on another site for this. Would like to know why? So she can cheat while her husband is at work and [...]

  • 03/12/13--18:19: Thoraya Aldalaly (chan 7524340)
  • Found out she cheats, has worked in porn (men/women), has rap sheet (arrested for prostitution). Be careful if you date her, she’s not serious at all and only cares about money. She will make death threats too, so be careful. This post was submitted by Jack.

  • 03/13/13--17:42: Rene Sola (chan 7524340)
  • Rene Sola. Born in El Salvador on August 28 1972 and has been in the US since 1994. Has been married once and has one child whom he does not have contact with. State of Georgia has been after him for child support since 2004, with the most recent filing in 2012. He is 6 [...]

  • 03/13/13--17:45: PARMINDER NIH SANDHU (chan 7524340)
  • I met this person at an NIH conference in ALDIE, Virginia ,for work. We hit it off and exchanged emails. He told me he was separated from his wife but still living at home until he can straighten out his affairs. Apparently, him being Indian of the Sikh religion made it impossibly hard to get [...]

  • 03/13/13--17:46: Mary Fetchu (chan 7524340)
  • Mary Fetchu is a sad, miserable cheater. she said i was her boyfriend but she sleeping with at least 2 other guys. Tuesday night blue Acura guy is at her house all evening. within an hour of him leaving white pickup truck guy pulls in for the night. I assume all of this was going [...]

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